Wireless Wide-Area Subsea GPS Navigation

DiveNET: GPS is a portable, self-contained and rapidly deployable wireless wide-area underwater GPS navigation system. DiveNET: GPS provides absolute 3D coordinate positioning for an unlimited number of divers and/or submersible systems inside a coverage area up to 2,000 meters in diameter.

​DiveNET: GPS employs four hand-portable Autonomous Smart Buoys (ASB), deployed roughly around a dive site to emulate the function of GNSS satellites on the water surface and establish a long baseline for precise underwater positioning. 


Using a "top-down" architecture, the system supports an unlimited number of all-passive DiveNET: GPS Subsea Navigation Units (SNU). The SNU is a compact, low power demand integrated device coupling a piezo receiver with a depth/temperature sensor and a position computer inside a maintenance-free monoblock unit. The SNU provides sub-meter positioning in absolute 3D coordinates with GPS emulation output at a rate of 1 Hz. The SNU operates over UART allowing for serial port, USB and Bluetooth integrations. 


The Diver Display Unit (DDU) is a personal DiveNET: GPS diver navigation device designed to support route planning, navigating, location marking and track exporting for analysis. The DDU supports up to 20 stored waypoints, 20 POI points, track export to KML/GPX, wireless charging and Bluetooth PC connectivity.

​DiveNET: GPS is designed for robust, straight forward operation in real world conditions, requiring minimal configuration and maintenance.


DiveNET: GPS is depth rated for up to 300 m (DDU: 120 m).

Please inquire for custom or OEM solutions.


Subsea Wireless GPS Navigation


4x light-weight Autonomous Smart Buoys (ASB)

Unlimited number of Subsea Navigation Units (SNU)

Maximum coverage diameter: 2,000+ m

Diver and unmanned applications

Real-time GPS emulation output

Nominal precision: 0.84 m

Autonomous endurance: 8-24 hrs

Update rate: 1 Hz

Maximum depth: 140-300 m



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