Subsea Wireless Data Transmission

DiveNET: Sealink is a line of compact acoustic modems based on a common, patent-pending design featuring a transceiver element acting as a housing containing all of the electronic components within and covered by a molded thermoplastic membrane. Sealink acoustic modems are the smallest in the world and offer industry leading performance in a compact, low power demand and affordable solution. DiveNET: Sealink is designed to enable subsea wireless data networking capabilities with cost-effective, long range digital communication.

Sealing C is a coded message (command) modem with a fixed signal frequency and subscriber code division supporting up to 40 individual commands to create a point-to-point subsea network of up to 25 devices in a working area of 8,000 m x 8,000 m. Small size, low power consumption and easy integration make Sealink C an ideal solution for remote operation of target control channels and various actuators, circuit breakers, and other system elements.

Sealink R (S) provide a transparent transmission channel with speeds of 80 bps to a range of up to 8,000 m (Sealink S) and 560/1200 bps to a range of up to 2,500 m (Sealink R).

Sealink modems feature an optional built-in depth sensor.

Sealink modems are rated to depth of 300-400 m.


Acoustic Data Transmission

Subsea IOT


Extremely small size and weight

Subscribers code division

Operating range up to 1,000 m

Shallow water reliability

Low power consumption (Rx/Tx) 0.33/6 W

Open configuration protocol

Reliable data transmission with 78 bit/s

Built-in depth/temperature sensor

Propagation time measurement

Can be applied in underwater wireless sensor networks


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