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DiveNET: 5x5 is a high performance wireless diver voice communication system providing effective telephony to a range of up to 1,000 m over 8 communication channels.  DiveNET: 5x5 is the only system of its kind to feature built-in support for diver tracking capability.

DiveNET: 5x5 Topside is a portable surface control station equipped with a simple control panel, microphone and 7 meters of acoustic cable. The control panel is housed in a lightweight, ruggedized travel case.

DiveNET: 5x5 Diver Voice Transceiver (DVT) is a belt or tank mounted acoustic communications unit providing up to 1,000 m of effective range. The DVT couples as a subsea pinger for use with the DiveNET: GPS-X navigation system to provide diver location and device battery life to the surface with each diver transmission (press-release of the PTT button).


DiveNET: 5x5 operates in two bands over four common frequencies, providing 8 communication channels.

DiveNET: 5x5 has a maximum depth of 50 m.

  • Unmatched range and reception performance

  • Built-in support for diver tracking

  • Range: 1,000 m

  • Channels: 8

  • Endurance: 8 hrs (Rx) / 2 hrs (Tx)

  • Common 18650 type rechargeable batteries

  • Max depth: 50 m




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