Subsea Positioning and Navigation

DiveNET: Commander USBL is an ultra-short baseline subsea group tracking and command solution. The system employs a compact topside Master Transponder (MAST) phased-array antenna supporting up to 23 subsea target responders.


With an effective range of up to 8,000 meters and shallow water reliability, Commander delivers unmatched performance in a compact, low power demand solution. Additional scalability is provided by an optional surface GPS+Compass module for operation in absolute coordinates and track recording feature.

The Universal Target Responder is a common subsurface component providing  autonomous diver and submersible tracking. UTR is designed to support streamlined integration with unmanned vehicles to provide telemetry relay and remote command capability with up to 32 code commands. 

MAST additionally tracks DiveNET: 5x5 Universal Voice Receiver diver communications headsets to provide diver tracking and voice communication in a unified system.

Commander is supplied with open source code operating software.


Subsea Positioning and Navigation


Streamlined and scalable underwater target tracking and command

Fully autonomous to fully integrated service

UART 9600+NMEA 0183 protocols for Serial/USB/Bluetooth connectivity

Up to 23 Universal Target Responders (UTR)

Up to 32 remote control code commands

Surface GNSS interoperability

Shallow water reliability

Effective range: 8,000 m

Nominal precision: 1° (azimuth) / 0.34 m (slant range)

Maximum depth: 1,000 m


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