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DiveNET: Commander is a compact, multi-function and multi-target Ultra-Short Base Line (USBL) underwater group navigation and tracking solution designed for diver and autonomous systems applications.

The topside Master Transceiver (MAST) base station supports communication with up to 23 Commander Transponder (COMT) subsea units with a maximum acoustic range of up to 8,000 m. MAST provides relative bearing tracking in standalone configuration and absolute coordinate tracking with track recording when coupled with a surface GNSS system.

The subsea COMT target transponder is supplied in either standalone configuration, powered by a rechargeable and swappable battery pack, or without a power supply for electrical and data integration to a carrier system. COMT supports 32 pre-programmed wireless code commands.

DiveNET: Commander features proprietary Mutual Navigation technology whereby the MAST base station provides the topside operator with the target's position while the COMT transponder provides the carrier system with range and direction to the base station.

DiveNET: Commander provides a maximum range of 1,000 - 8,000 m per customer specifications.

Maximum transponder depth is 300 m (standard) and 1,000 m (OEM).

  • Diver/unmanned applications

  • Up to 23 target transponder-beacons

  • 32 wireless code commands

  • Autonomous or integrated service

  • Surface GNSS interoperability

  • Precision: 1 deg (heading) ; 0.34 m (slant range)

  • Range: 1,000 - 8,000 m

  • Max depth: 300 m (standard) ; 1,000 m (OEM)

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