Diver Voice Communication and Tracking

DiveNET: 5X5 is a wireless hydroacoustic voice communication system for surface-diver and diver-diver two-way telephony delivering unmatched signal range and reception performance. DiveNET: 5X5 features built-in compatibility with DiveNET: Commander to provide integrated diver tracking coupled with communication in a unified system.

DiveNET: 5X5 Universal Voice Receiver (UVR) is a mask clip-on receiving unit providing up to 2,000 m of effective range DiveNET: 5X5 UVR doubles as a beacon-responder for DiveNET: Commander to provide diver location and device battery life to the surface.


DiveNET: 5X5 provides a custom Push To Talk (PTT) microphone compatible with full face mask systems available on the market.

​​DiveNET: 5X5 Topside is a portable surface control station equipped with a simple control panel, microphone and 7 meters of acoustic cable. The control panel is housed in a lightweight, ruggedized travel case.

DiveNET: 5X5 operates in two bands over four common frequencies, providing 8 communication channels as well as broadcast transmission.

DiveNET: 5X5 is depth rated to 50 m.


Through-Water Voice Communication
Diver Tracking


Long-range surface-diver and diver-diver wireless voice communication

Unlimited number of diver units

Optional diver tracking integration

Range: 2000 m

Channels: 8

Endurance: 8 hrs (Rx) / 2 hrs (Tx)

Max depth: 50 m


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DiveNET: 5X5