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Diver Homing Navigation

DiveNET: Seeker is a operate, easy to use diver homing system with a built-in all-diver Recall command. One compact Topside base station equipped with an acoustic beacon provides homing navigation guidance for an unlimited number of underwater Heading Reference Units (HRU).

The HRU is a light-weight, wrist-mounted diver unit equipped with four sensing elements and a digital display indicating the direction and range to the homing beacon, as well as  water depth and temperature. 

The Topside base station provides a simple control panel, including an all-diver Recall command button, housed in a light-weight, rugged case.

DiveNET: Seeker provides up to 2,500 - 5,000 m of effective long-range performance provided clear line of sight.

The HRI is depth rated to 50 m and features wireless charging with 8 hours of battery endurance.

Please inquire for custom and OEM requirements, including additional broadcast commands.



Diver Homing Navigation


Homing navigation for diver(s)

Light, compact, easy to operate

Single Topside base station with beacon transducer

Underwater Heading Reference Unit (HRU) showing direction and range to the base station

Water depth and temperature

All-diver Recall command

Effective range: 2,500 - 5,000 m

Battery endurance: 8 hours

Maximum depth: 50 m

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