Wireless Wide Area Subsea GPS Navigation

DiveNET: GPS is a portable, self-contained and rapidly deployable wireless wide-area underwater GPS navigation system. DiveNET: GPS uses four portable Autonomous Smart Buoys (ASB) to establish a floating long baseline (LBL) coverage area spanning up to 2,000 m in diameter. Sub-meter, absolute 3D coordinate positioning is provided for an unlimited number of divers or unmanned subsea targets inside the coverage area by a Subsea Navigation Unit (SNU) consisting of an acoustic receiver coupled with a position computer and depth/temperature sensor. DiveNET: GPS features an optional Diver Navigation Unit (DNU) personal GPS navigation indicator for route navigation, POI/Mark Point entry, and track export for post-dive analysis.

  • Subsea wireless GPS positioning for divers and submersibles

  • Portable, self-contained, rapidly deployable

  • Four light-weight Autonomous Smart Buoys (ASB)

  • Unlimited number of passive Subsea Navigation Units (SNU)

  • Diver Navigation Unit personal GPS navigation indicator

  • Route navigation, POI/Mark, track recording and exporting

  • Precision: 0.84 m (absolute 3D coordinates)

  • Coverage: 2,000+ m (diameter)

  • Endurance: up to 24 hrs

  • Maximum depth: 300 m


Commander USBL

Subsea Group Tracking and Command

DiveNET: Commander is an ultra-short baseline (USBL) subsea group tracking and limited command solution suitable for diver and unmanned applications. The system employs a single, compact Master Transponder (MAST) phased-array antenna supporting up to 23 Universal Target Responders (UTR) featuring an effective range of up to 8,000 m, depth up to 1,000 m. An optional surface GNSS module for MAST provides absolute coordinates and track recording.

  • Multipurpose application, streamlined implementation

  • Compact topside Master Transponder (MAST)

  • Up to 23 Universal Target Responders (UTR)

  • 32 wireless code commands + responder telemetry relay

  • Fully autonomous to integrated operation

  • Optional MAST GNSS module

  • Precision: 1° (azimuth); 0.34 m (slant range)

  • Effective range: up to 8,000 m

  • Maximum depth: 300 m (standard) / 1,000 m (OEM)



Diver Homing and Alert System

DiveNET: Seeker is a diver homing and alert system with an effective range of up to 5 km. Seeker employs a portable topside station with controls and an acoustic beacon-transducer. The diver unit is wrist-mounted and provides a digital indication of current angle-off to the beacon, current range, water depth and temperature. The topside station includes an all-diver Recall command, communicated to all diver units within range. Please inquire for custom requirements.

  • Reliable, long range underwater homing navigation

  • Straight forward operation

  • All-diver Recall command

  • Portable and easy to operate

  • Range: 5,000 m (bearing); 2,500 m (ranging)

  • Maximum depth: 50 m



Diver Voice Communication and Tracking

DiveNET: 5X5 is a wireless through-water voice communication system delivering unmatched signal performance with an effective range of up to 2,000 m. 5X5 is the first underwater communications system to feature integrated diver tracking in a unified system.

  • Unmatched range and reception performance

  • Compatible with DiveNET: Commander for unified diver communication and surface tracking

  • Effective range: 2000 m

  • Channels: 8

  • Endurance: 8 hrs (Rx) / 2 hrs (Tx)

  • Common 18650 type rechargeable batteries

  • Maximum depth: 50 m



Acoustic Data Transmission

DiveNET: Sealink compact acoustic network modems provide industry-leading performance in a compact, care-free and low power demand solution. With a maximum effective range of up to 8,000 m, Sealink modems are designed to enable subsea wireless data networking capabilities with cost-effective, long range digital acoustic communication.

  • Compact dimensions

  • Subscriber code division

  • Effective range up to 8,000 m

  • Shallow water reliability

  • Low power consumption

  • Open configuration protocol

  • 40 code messages/ 25 subscribers (Sealink C)

  • Up to 1200 bps (Sealink R/S)

  • Working depth up to 400 m (option with built-in depth sensor is available up to 300 m)

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