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Another successful test for DiveNET: Acoustic GPS!

We field-mounted the DiveNET: Acoustic GPS Receiver (AGR) onto a BlueROV. With four Acoustic GPS Buoys (AGB) deployed approximately 250-350 meters apart, we got a great track of two dives despite difficult working conditions for the light-weight ROV.

SC AeroTech is proud to announce having reached a partnership agreement with Beringia Enterprises LLC.

Beringia is an exclusive distributor of DiveNET, an underwater navigation, communication and data-exchange product line based on innovative acoustic technology. With this partnership, SC AeroTech continues in its vocation to market groundbreaking technology for niche markets, and will be working closely with Beringia to bring the DiveNET brand to success.

For the second year in a row, Underwater Intervention marks the beginning of our show season. It was a blast to see some now familiar faces and meet many new ones as well.

We thank you for your interest in DiveNET Subsea Wireless and look forward to our next meeting!

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