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DiveNET 2021

Beringia Enterprises is excited to announce a new set of capabilities based on the DiveNET platform slated for commercial availability in early 2021 and designed to further expand the DiveNET capability envelope.

Built on our proven design and technology, new capabilities offered by DiveNET will include: scalable subsea IoT, optical underwater connectivity and acoustic terminal navigation and precision landing guidance for autonomous underwater vehicles.

Our flagship product, DiveNET: GPS, is now available as a standard option for the brand new Lanai ROV system from Poseidon Robotics. DiveNET: GPS provides rapidly deployable long-baseline (LBL) positioning for an unlimited number of acoustic GPS receivers inside a large working area. DiveNET: GPS is the most effective, and cost-effective solution when precise underwater positioning is required.

DiveNET: 5x5 diver voice communications now features a belt or tank-mounted diver communicator unit. The new diver unit offers improved performance, endurance and wireless charging. Additionally, all 5x5 diver comm units now include built-in diver tracking capability.

Please visit our updated website for more information on our current and upcoming products:


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